What Soldering Iron Is Best for Stained glass?


Stained glass has been around for centuries. A close look at most gothic churches will reveal a widespread use of stained glass to represent saints and other holy figures.

The tool used for stained glass is different from the one you use for soldering motherboards. Everything from the soldering Iron, to the tip and accessories, is different.

This article will help you select the right soldering Iron for your stained glass.

Finding the right soldering iron for your stained glass?

Before you can begin soldering your stained glass, you need to make sure that you have grinded the glass to a smooth finish. Your soldering Iron will be used to join pieces together by passing heat to solder.

When you are purchasing your soldering Iron, you will first need to consider the watts. This represents the amount of power been passed to the soldering iron; for stained glass, it is recommended that you use a soldering iron with between 65 to 300 watts.

The solder is often made from copper, lead or brass with the latter requiring a heavy-duty soldering iron. The part that conducts electricity and forms resistance is the element; heat is produced due to this resistance.

The most common materials used for the element are ceramic and nichrome. The two operate differently; the nichrome element conduct heat from the tip, and this means they retain heat more. You can use the nichrome element when you are working on large body surfaces.

The ceramic element does not sustain heat because they conduct heat closer to the tip. They are smaller than the nichrome elements.

Check for soldering irons with a temperature controller. You should be able to regulate the watts that flow through the soldering iron; controlled temperatures enable you to work on different surfaces.

Soldering irons come with different handle styles. There is the upright tip called the pencil and the hatchet that is bent 90 degrees. The hatchet enables you to work around corners.

The tips are also different, and you can choose from the conical, chisel, and point tips. Do not forget to look for accessories like cleaning sponge and iron stand for placing the soldering iron when not in use.

The Best Soldering IronsOne of the best soldering Irons for stained glass in the market is the Weller W100PG. The company has built a reputation over the years by producing soldering irons for stained glass. This particular model comes with a nichrome tip that can provide the right heat for your projects.

The Weller comes with a power supply of 100 watts. You also do not need to wait for a long time for it to heat up. You can easily change the tips to fit a particular task.


Stained glass can be used to create various beautiful designs. Artists have used it for centuries though the materials used for soldering have differed over the ages. Selecting the right soldering iron can be a challenge if you do not know what to look out for. Ensure that you go for renowned brands when great accessories.


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