Best Budget Soldering Iron Review


Today we are taking a look at a low cost budget 30w soldering iron from ProTechTrader.  This soldering iron is best for beginners learning basic electronic circuits and PCB circuit board repair as it is a very low cost option that provides a excellent value for a novice.

30w Soldering iron – Basic soldering Iron for Electronics

We choose to review this soldering iron due to the low cost and excellent features as it comes with a replaceable precision conical tip which is the best possible kind for soldering through-hole electronic PCB (Printed Circuit Boards).   It comes pre tinned (very important always tin your soldering iron) from the factory with a chrome plated tip to maximize use right out of the box.  30w is more then enough heat for circuit board component work as well as a step up from the very common 25w soldering irons many manufacturers produce.

During our review testing we compared this soldering iron vs multiple competitors of a higher price range, and this prove to be a great value as it’s heat up time was on par with others and faster then  2 of the more expensive units it was compared to such as the Delcast 30w and the Weller 12w Pencil Iron.

We also found it’s maximum temperature to be 5% higher than the similar Delcast 30w iron and 30% more then the lower powered Weller 12w.

Using standard 60/40 flux core solder we were able to properly tinn the soldering iron after waiting for initial heat up smoke to dissipate (this is normal with all soldering irons to smoke for a few minutes on the first time they are heating up.  The tip flowed the solder well and solder stuck well to the tip.   Their was more then enough heat transfer for soldering all of our test components on a PCB, and after being tested through 10 heat up / cool down cycles along with tinning and cleaning the tip for every cycle the soldering iron still help up and performed better then expected for a cheap $7 soldering iron.


Overall performance we rate at 4/5 stars and value of this very low cost soldering iron is 5/5 stars.   Perfectly designed for educational and light hobby use by the home based maker we would recommend this soldering iron as a top choice in it’s price range!  This may be a new addition to our top soldering irons list on the front page


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