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Stained glass has been used for decorative purposes for centuries. But, it is in church buildings that it gained its popularity. Should you visit one of those gothic 12th-century churches, you will be astonished at the multicolored stained glass windows that adorn the church walls. If you are like me, you have probably wondered what instrument was used to join all the beautiful pieces together.

The soldering Iron uses electricity to create heat through resistance from the soldering element. When the tip is hot enough, you use a solder to join pieces together. The solder can be created from lead, copper or brass. Soldering is an art, and you need to learn the craft before attempting to manipulate pieces.

The challenge is that the soldering iron that you use for your motherboards circuits is different from the one that you use for your stained glass. If you look at those beautiful glass pieces that adorn middle ages churches, you will notice that they have withstood weather elements for centuries. The soldering Iron is responsible for gluing the different pieces firmly together. However, for this to work you need to select the right soldering iron. If you get the watts wrong, then your soldering iron will be producing either too much heat or less heat. It is also essential that you identify soldering irons that come accompanied with accessories like an iron stand or brass clothe cleaning.

We understand that it can be a challenge selecting the right soldering iron with so many brands in the market. Mark, our lead blogger, has been in the construction industry for over 15 years. It is a craft that he learned from his father, and he hopes to pass to his sons. Mark is the person you call in the neighborhood when you have an electrical fault. He has been instrumental in building content for this blog. His experience working with soldering irons makes his recommendation very valuable.

Instead of going to the market and experimenting with different products we recommend that you let us guide you through your purchases. We have tried most of the top brands in the market, and we know what works and has the most significant value for money. Due to the amount of heat produced by soldering irons, it is critical that you select the very best product in the market. Remember your safety is at risk when working with soldering irons.